The two terms “equality” and “equity” sound quite similar and have similar meanings (fairness), but they are quite different and not interchangeable. The implementation of one over the other can lead to different outcomes for marginalized people. 

What Is


Equality means each individual or group of people is given the same resources or opportunities. It is having access to and the distribution of a set of resources evenly across individuals of a population. Equality is also when professional or educational institutions provide equal opportunities to individuals of all races regardless of their physical traits such as skin color. Historically, educational institutions attaining equality for ethnic minorities has not been easy.

What Is


Equity tackles imbalanced social systems in hopes of long-term, sustainable, equitable access for generations to come. Equity is the fair treatment, access, advancement, and opportunity for all people. Its goal is to recognize and remove any barriers that prevent the full participation of groups or individuals. Promoting equity requires an understanding of the causes of outcome disparities within our society.


Let’s say there are three people of varying heights (small, medium, and tall) trying to watch a baseball game from behind the outfield fence. In order for all of them to see, they need boxes of varying sizes to make them all the same height. The shortest gets two boxes, the middle gets one box, and the tallest doesn’t need a box. They are now the same height and can see over the fence. This is equity.

With equality, all three spectators get one box of equal size. This ensures that everyone receives the same size box, but the middle and smaller spectators can’t see over the fence. This is equality.

two non romantic justice loving female presenting people
two non romantic justice loving female presenting people


An ally is someone who is more than a non-racist person, an ally is a person who takes part in activities actively working to demolish racism. An ally is not a spectator, an ally knows they’re not a savior but a supporter taking direction from the directly effected. An ally takes proactive steps to challenge racism in their sphere of influence and beyond.


Together, we will change the world. 

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