Monthly community training for the best safety practices with law enforcement encounters.



We host a monthly community training class on best safety practices for encounters with law enforcement.

With the heightened climate of officer-involved shootings of unarmed black and brown people, racism has been heavily discussed as a motive. If in fact, an officer is racially biased, we wouldn’t be able to tell. We’re not out to change that officer’s individual beliefs concerning minority people.

We believe that we must challenge the systems that allow any racial biases to thrive.

In the immediate instance of a situation where someone finds themselves encountered with a police officer, we feel that it’s necessary to equip the individual with situational knowledge and safety recommendations. This is so they understand the legitimate fears police officers may have in those encounters, the potential dangers of the situation they face and the dangers that officers face along with the boundaries of the law.

Our primary concern is not the immediate assertion of an individual’s rights, but the preservation of life for all parties involved in the encounter to make it HomeSafe
Become an Ally Racism Stinks 2 1
Become an Ally Racism Stinks 2 1


An ally is someone who is more than a non-racist person, an ally is a person who takes part in activities actively working to demolish racism. An ally is not a spectator, an ally knows they’re not a savior but a supporter taking direction from the directly effected. An ally takes proactive steps to challenge racism in their sphere of influence and beyond.


#racismstinks is maturing and coming to understand that our role in the efforts to eradicate racism out of the systems and institutions that are supposed to make our country great for all people is not one of “follow us as we lead,” but “join hands with us as we all cross this uncharted road.”

We plan on expanding our reach to other highly affected areas of the country with hands-on involvement.

Together We Will Change The World

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Together We Will Change The World